The Making of Bigfoot Bill: Shadow of the Mothman – Doug TenNapel

5 out of 5

While there are some bits and pieces in here that remind me of the icky, Christian fundamentalist side of TenNapel, I have to be fair: that’s not the point of this book, and he doesn’t make it out to be.  His point of view comes out in his bio, and in some extrapolated concepts from his character bios and behind-the-scenes chatter, but it’s not in your face, and, again, it’s far from being the point of this bonus perk to Bigfoot Bill.  That point being to give us backers some extra comics – a full comic background on Poseidon! – and some making-of tidbits as mentioned in its title.

And so, with that in mind, damn is this a bonus.  The Poseidon comic is great; it absolutely enriches the character from Bigfoot Bill, the lack of said enrichment being something I found lacking in the OGN, so there ya go.  It’s fully colored, fully arted – like, this isn’t just an offhand sketch – and we get to see some pencil pages for some big sequences from it; all good stuff.  Thereafter, interspersed between pencils-to-ink-to-color pages, and some scripts, and glimpses of Doug’s notebook on how he broke the story / characters, we get some text pages on the structure of the story and how this whole crowdfunding business model came to be.  Hardcover, oversized, full color, and 60 pages.  I might tread carefully around Doug’s personal views, but I’ve never doubted his appreciation for his fans, and this is the kind of stuff that shows it.  An interesting document of creativity in itself, but a must-have addition to the accompanying Bigfoot Bill.