Gotham Central (series) – Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker ♦♦♦♦ [four out of five]

Gotham Central – a police procedural with a great huge cast and a background of superheroes, giving us, as human readers, a place in the big world of Superman and Batman.  It stumbled to find its direction at first but would have a good solid 30 issues of amazing crime / noir with a great twist of the fantastic.

Sometimes my sentences stumble for direction at first, before a good solid ellipses…

Countdown Special: The Atom – Gerry Conway ♦♦♦ [three out of five]

If you’re not used to the self-narrative-thought-bubble style of 60s and 70s comics, you won’t enjoy these wacky sci-fi tales, but they are a surprisingly timely find and show off Conway’s ability to straddle the dialogue line between cheeky and serious.

When I pare these things down to one sentence summaries, I sort of feel forget why I wrote the long review BUT DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU FROM CLICKING HERE

Ancient Joe – Scott Morse ♦♦♦♦ [four out of five]

It takes about five minutes to read most Scott Morse collections.  He has such a streamlined style that extends even to the word balloons / lettering that you can zip through a story and get the gist without time wasted on pesky things like enjoyment.  I wouldn’t even suggest that you’re missing out on some deep thinking via a more patient panel-by-panel review, as Scott’s stories are generally pretty straight forward, but ‘Ancient Joe’ is a perfect example of Mr. Morse at his compressed best – it can be everything and nothing depending on how you read it.

I lied, you are missing out on some deep thinking.  It’s because you’re dumb.