Bigfoot Bill vol. 1: Shadow of the Mothman HC (2nd printing)

5 out of 5

Combines the original Bigfoot Bill with the “Making of” book, sequencing the prequel Poseidon bit to be before the Bill story, which works really well. Otherwise, this was all cosmetic upgrades, but lawdy are they upgrades, with gold embossing and glorious new cover art and interior covers (which are super cool), with all the high quality printing of the original books maintained.

Price-wise this was (is) also a steal: the original BF Bill went for $60, and this reprint was offered bundled with BF Bill 2 for $50… figure out the math on that. The original description lists “14 new pages,” which I suppose is the opening Poseidon bit, though I thought that was also in the Making of book. Regardless, this is now available for $30 in Doug’s store, so with the beautifcation of the book, plus the shelfspace-saving combo, this feels like the definitive version, and worthy to own or upgrade to if you’re a fan.