Bigfoot Bill 3: Born Twice (comic book preview) – Doug TenNapel

4 out of 5

This is a preview issue for the upcoming Bigfoot Bill 3, included with one of Doug TenNapel’s EWJ books.

This is a fun start to the story – Diana’s plants are taking over, and surely Bill is going to get wrapped up in things once more – and does what every damned TenNapel books manages to do: reminds me of the guy’s continual creativity and goofiness. A scene here involving Judgy getting confronted by other unicorns is pure TenNapel madness, but is then (relatively) grounded by the way he treats his own ridiculousness with an inherent sense of logic. Like, bigfoots and worms may talk, but they generally have a reason for doing so.

As with the other preview freebies that’ve been offered, I appreciate them, but I’m not sure I get them. Like, there’s no bonus material here (a few lines from the script I suppose do count, included on the inside covers), and this isn’t exactly made to be read as a standalone issue as printed – it’s a chunk of a larger graphic novel – so while I’m pleased to own this, once I inevitably get the GN, it’ll have no use. (And if I want to get really picky for no reason at all, one of the pages is printed slightly misaligned.) I guess maybe these are valid for readers who aren’t just going to buy Doug’s stuff, and actually need the preview to convince them? Considered from that perspective, I’d go back to my above contents: there’s super fun material here, but it doesn’t necessarily drop us off at a “gotta get the whole thing!” cliffhanger.