Gremlins 2 ••••• [five out of five]

Hot Damn, Gremlins 2.  How is it that you exist? Maybe I saw Gremlins as a kid.  But it’s the sequel that I always remembered.  It was the sequel I watched and re-watched on TV, and it was the sequel that I bought on VHS and then DVD and then IT’S COMING OUT ON BLURAY SOON.  The movie blew my mind with its 4th-wall breaking insanity –  which, yeah, you had your Ferris Bueller-esque ‘character talks to view’ movies, but Gremlins 2, after a certain point, is all out wacky.  It breaks rules in the same unclassifiable way that ‘Rubber’ would do a million years later.  That is to say – it ain’t ‘Funny Games,’ it’s not about something, so it’s freed to just go banana-boat nutso on you and hit you in the gut in whichever way it pleases ya’…


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