Zombie of the Month vol. 1 – Don Kunkel

1 out of 5

It’s simply not very good. But: it’s always worth acknowledging that it takes guts and effort to put something out there, and it also takes time to develop craft. So releasing a “not very good” book might not mean much in terms of this specific comic, but down the road, should the creator use this as a stepping stone…?

Zombie of the Month is a couple short strips and one longer tale, though all have an equally ambiguous tone, where it seems like we’re aiming for a punchline, but then the dialogue / scenes pass right by it. This is part of the very wandering nature of Don Kunkel’s story, which presents us with a world in which “undead Americans” – zombies – are an accepted part of society – but essentially does nothing with that beyond a single joke in which our lead zombo tears off his arm to get a vending machine snack. Otherwise, not only does the shtick hardly have anything to do with anything, but neither does the “employee” bit: he works a job for a few panels, and then it’s off on a very wayward “adventure” involving traffic accidents and MMA fights. (But again, minus out any real sense of meaningulness regarding those elements.)

Don Kunkel’s art is serviceable, having a light Mike Allred vibe, especially when formed up by some of the inkers, but the art starts to fall apart as the book goes on, as though Kunkel either wanted to rush through or was getting bored. Any many scenes require some better geography / choreography / timing than Kunkel can provide.

So, yeah. I redirect you back to the statement which I used to open.