ZOC – Family Name

3 out of 5

Label: T-Palette Records

Produced by: (a Japanese name in kanji, sorry)

Two singles, two instrumentals.

The headliner, Family Name, has a kind of generic pop rock-idol / Seiko Oomori singalong tone to it, but the benefit of the group approach comes out as it gets into its climax, with everyone singing together and really pushing the track over the top in terms of infectiousness. However, the instrumental, lacking this, isn’t quite as notable on its own, although the production is shiny – if way overly polished – and the instrumentation (guitars, keys, drums and bass) is tight.

チュープリis pretty much the same singalong vibe, but without the oomph of Family Name. On the flip-side, the music on this track is awesome – it’s got a video game chirpiness to it via the keys that’s actually somewhat more fun when it’s isolated, so the two songs’ versions balance each other out.