Wrestletober – Daniel Warren Johnson

5 out of 5

An independently printed collection of DWJ’s drawings for Inktober 2019, a yearly event which asks its contributors to do one ink drawing for each day of October, generally linked to a keyword for that day.

Daniel apparently decided to go one further by using a theme for his whole run – wrestling. And maybe Japanese wrestling? I don’t follow the sport (at all), but one of the images in the book has “NJPW” on the ring, which stands for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, so there’s that. Regardless, while I may not know an NJPW wrestler from my elbow, I do know (and love) DWJ’s art, and this printing is just phenomenal. “Simple” ink drawings, but these are the real deal – full-on work, not just sketches, and often with backgrounds, and shading. They’re full of energy, and attitude, and humor, and while it maybe would’ve been cool to know if Johnson used the daily keywords for these as well, whatever – this is an excellent lil’ artbook, and I’ve been flipping back and forth through it over the past few days in fanboyish admiration.