The Unicorn

3 out of 5

Created by: Bill Martin, Mike Schiff and Grady Cooper

Covers season 1

Here’s your review: Walton Goggins.  I’m sorry, everyone else on the show – and there are a lot of funny people on this show, who do a great job – but without Walton Goggins, this whole things probably falls flat.  I’m not even clear how the concept is imagined to last as a series – a single dad, dating! – but even as Wade (Goggins) starts to ‘relearn’ the dating ins and outs after a few episodes, meaning the concept hardly makes it through the first season before we’re very much into normal sitcom territory, The Unicorn remains watchable and pleasing very much because of Goggins’ balanced performance in a role which other actors probably would’ve been winking at the camera throughout.

The show’s title take itself from slang for the ultimately desirable mate.  That can mean a lot of things, but on a family friendly sitcom, it means a faithful husband with a dead wife.  Taking care of his two daughter, Wade fits that bill – helped by the fact that he’s also attractive, and genuinely a nice, stand-up dude – and now finds himself, a year after his wife’s passing, being urged to date by a gaggle of good, comedic actors: Rod Corddry, Michaela Watkins, Omar Benson Miller, and Maya Lynne Robinson.  We get the usual “how do people do this dating thing?” fish out of water bits, some of the usual promising-but-dead-end-dates, the usual ‘turns out my kids aren’t ready for this’ moment, and then some usual sitcom hijinks, sans any dating tie-ins, just for kicks.  Again, it’s a thin concept, but double again, the cast – Walton front and center – makes it pleasant enough.