Samurai Jack: The Complete Series Box Set (Blu-ray)

3 out of 5

‘Kay: listen up.

The contents of this are outstanding.  I’m fine with a box set not having any extras if it’s priced accordingly, and considering that seasons 1 – 4 are not available individually on blu-ray and that the price breakdown per disc is totally reasonable… yes, this box set is absolutely worth buying.  It also comes with a nifty little metal artwork piece.

But here’s what it doesn’t offer: it’s just five discs in individual cases in a box, so it’s not a space saver.  In a world where you owned this discs already, there’d be no storage incentive for the box.  More importantly: there is no disc-by-disc breakdown of extras or episodes.  This might not be a big deal for some, but it’s… I dunno, frustrating.  If I want to watch one of the bonuses or a particular episode, I can’t just look at the box, I have to either sift through them individually – as in put them in the player – or go online to check what’s what.  An insert with this info would have sufficed.  It’s a very strange oversight.

Thereby docked a star for each infraction.  THE HORROR.