Jack Irish

3 out of 5

Created by: Andrew Knight and Matt Cameron

Though I’m happy as pie that Guy Pearce’s take on humdrum detective Jack Irish has kicked along for a few years, I’m not sure that the character, as presented, was in need of longer format storytelling.  The Jack Irish movies, with the titular lawyer-turned-debt-collector-and-kinda-detective, are pleasantly bumbling and allowed the cast to grow in a very organic and grounded manner, but already suffered from a sense of wandering and odd plot bloat at 90 minutes.  Jack, the TV show, sees Mr. Irish re-establishing his law practice, per-season getting inadvertently involved in something or other, and continues to network his regulars entertainingly and engagingly, but the other 90 minutes are pretty much filled in by more of that wandering and bloat.  Without the very watchable cast, and without the basis established by the tele-flicks, I’m not sure this would work; and it doesn’t, exactly, but taken in 60 minute increments, it’s enjoyably tolerable, and undeniable cut from the saaaaame exact cloth as what has come before.