Elfen Lied OVA: In the Passing Rain, Or, How Can a Girl Have Reached Such Feelings?

3 out of 5

Directed: Mamoru Kanbe

Separated from the conflicting and shallow messaging of the series, the OVA for Elfen Lied, taking place between episodes 10 and 11, benefits from a more balanced sensibility.  It has been quite a while since I viewed the rest of the episodes, though, of which I had (if that intro sentence wasn’t an indication) a generally negative opinion, so it’s possible that had I viewed this closer to the other stuff, my feelings would’ve been affected by more bias.

So while it’s harder for me to weigh in on the importance of this OVA, I can at least say that my take is truly viewing it as its own thing.

It’s definitely still fanservicey in young-looking-girls-bathing-together-and-tickling-one-another fashions, but that aside… ‘In the Passing Rain’ gives us a bit of a comedic glimpse into homelife with our two Dicloniuses – Nana and Nyu – having the former always making their usefulness in the house a competition, while the latter just purs her name and giggles, as one does.  This percolates into Nana getting frustrated and storming off, plotting revenge, which eventually leads into commiseration via the ol’ standby of taking shelter together during a rainstorm, during which we’re given insights into how Nyu / Lucy was initially captured.  This flow – from humor to conflict to seriousness – is actually handled rather well, and suggests a maturity the series was never able to achieve.  …And then there’s that bath scene.