3 out of 5

Created by: Freddie Syborn

covers season 1

It’s dumb, but I’m glad someone made it, and I’m probably gladder that it was the Brits.

Cockroaches: yes, the sole survivors of nuclear holocaust, excepting the characters in this show, who scramble about the wasteland after hunkering down for a while post-nukes – and having a kid, because our two leads decided to boff when they thought the world was ending – going the dark humor route with the the lord of the flies ‘wackiness’ that pops up when humanity has gone to shite.

So there are jokes about cannibalism; cooking with bodily fluids; teaching kids from fashion mags; etc.  It’s mostly focused on the youthy generation, so it has fun with imagining what happens when self-centered prats have to fend for themselves, and mostly, they remain self-centered prats, whether still talking in scouse and acting like they own the world, or making (now dated) social references and getting jealous over the petty things.  We have some fun actors making somewhat obnoxious people tolerable – Daniel Lawrence TaylorEsther SmithTom Davis – and creator Syborn, plus director Ben Taylor, keep things north of too deplorable or, forfend, moralizing – the boon of dry UK humor – so it mostly remains harmless popcorn TV, just set in a wasteland.  

It’s a little disappointing to realize the show won’t be the leads traveling, but rather settling into a camp of stragglers they come across, but there are plenty of characters and hijinks to explore thereabouts, so it still works.