Teen Titans Go! The Complete First Season

4 out of 5

Developed by: Michael Jelenic, Aaron Horvath

A two blu-ray collection of the 9+ hours of Teen Titans Go!’s first season, and I’m again wowed by how consistent this damn show is.  There’re repeated gags of raggin’ on Robin, and the random songs, but our writers know how to cycle through this stuff so it somehow doesn’t get old, occasionally adding in some truly out there episodes – 11 minutes of characters only saying ‘waffles’ is something borne out of madness, but it’s somehow hilarious – and then inspired stuff that bumps the already pretty smart humor onto a cutting edge: re-dubbing the more “adult” Teen Titans series as a dream sequence; when all of the Titans go “undercover” as bad guys because they have a cooler lair; and more, and more.  I’ve watched these episodes through several times on different platforms, and I’m glad now to own them.

Knocking a star off here because there are zero extras.