Mercury Rising / The Jackal Double Feature (blu-ray)

2 out of 5

Directed by: Harold Becker (Mercury Rising); Michael Caton-Jones (The Jackal)

Two competent Bruce Willis movies, packaged together.

Here are some reasons to buy these kinds of bundled-together deals: save shelf space; save money; convenience; upgrade to bluray.  I already owned these flicks on DVD, so I guess I figured into all of these categories, and part of this rating is unfair because it’s my own oversight: I keep my movies that aren’t in special cases in a DVD book, so I was hoping for a single disc containing both films, and it is, instead, just two blurays in one pack.  That’s on me; I could’ve looked at the details with more scrutiny.  However, what’s not on me is the false advertising on the back of the case, which suggests that The Jackal bluray ports over all of its DVD extras, which include commentary and behind-the-scenes.  …None of that exists.  Zippo.  Sure, I get a minimal bump in quality for both movies, but given that this isn’t an especially must-have upgrade – it doesn’t significantly change the effect of either flick – that means I have one bluray that allows me to ditch a DVD… and one bluray that doesn’t replicate the DVD.  So much for saving money.