Found Footage 3D

2 out of 5

Directed by: Steven DeGennaro

I’ve mentioned this before, but horror fans are way too easy.  Which sounds wrong, if you go to the comment section on articles from any popular horror site, but in terms of fan service, if you throw a few winky references at them, christ, apparently we gobble it up.  So a “satire” of found footage like Found Footage 3D – which takes the movie-within-a-movie premise of some dudes trying to cash in on cheapie found footage flicks, only to find their movie shoot interrupted by a ‘spectre’ in their haunted-house-setting-of-choice – can go all Scream with some commentary on the implausibility of the FF genre – something which has already been rather commentated to death by 2016, when this movie released – and apparently that’s enough to start applauding the flick’s hilarious insights.

Or at least, so I glean from the handful of reviews I read through, none of which seemed to feel – as I did – that this was a good setup that was ultimately squandered on the Found Footage waiting game (waiting for jump scares…), and that the few bright spots of wit it shows early on devolve into the most obvious, on-the-nose “meta” moves possible, dragging out the ending for a final, obnoxious punchline to that effect.

Does it sound like I hated it?  As the film continued on, yes, my hate did grow.  However, I will allow that the filming was well handled and felt purposeful (even if the script didn’t do much with that purpose), and when the waiting game finally ceases late in the film, it is a good scene.  Had the movie combined this sudden jump into theatrics with the kind of willful playfulness of its opening scenes – instead we’re treated to the usual bickering of characters as the film shoot becomes more and more disrupted by spoooky events – Found Footage 3D could have actually been the game changer it was back-handedly trying to be.