Various Artists – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

2 out of 5

Label: SBK Records

Produced by: Pete Ganbarg, Stacey Palm (production coordinated by)

I’m by no means an outright defender of TMNT III, but I think it’s more rewatchable than its legacy – coming at the tail end of Turtlemania, and not performing all that well – would suggest. But the brand was certainly struggling with to whom to appeal by this point, and that’s reflected in this soundtrack, which kinda sorta tries to repeat what “worked” with the TMNT I and II soundtracks, mixing 90s club / hip-hop with some John Du Prez instrumentals, but the selections here feel especially dated, even by this point, and the Du Prez work is very, very limited. Even the original tracks pale in comparison to the classics (Ninja Rap may be dumb, but it’s a dumb earworm), and they’ve even resorted to the filler of re-using Partners In Kryme’s Turtle Power… an awesome track, but it belongs to TMNT I, even if it reappeared in this flick. If it was a bonus track, fine, but we’ve only got 7 songs here besides that – Turtle Power plus two minimally remixed remixes brings it to 10.

The other stuff isn’t bad, really, but it’s scraping the barrel of exceedingly generic – Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy – or the middling MC Hammer-type jamz that, again, had their place in the eras of the preceding films, but less and less by this point.

Du Prez has co-writing credits on some other songs here, but besides some intro / outro stuff on ‘Definition of Sound’s “Fighter” – another 90s club jam – the only thing really sounds like his instrumental work is the song credited directly to him, ‘Yoshi’s Theme.’ Which is of the quality of his other great TMNT works, but whether or not the soundtrack is worth it for that one song is up to you.