Usagi Yojimbo FCBD 2020 – Stan Sakai, Julie Sakai

5 out of 5

Oh man, this was such an unexpected delight. I know – I should have expected it, given the combo of Chibi-Usagi and regular Usagi on the cover, and writing credited to both Stan and Julie Sakai, but, like, I figured we’d just be getting separate stories in this FCBD… not a crossover!

And not only a crossover, but one that manages to be hilarious, and has a sort of internal logic to it that makes its conclusion incredibly satisfying… PLUS some back-up text from Stan, talking about Tengus, the folklore figure that comes up in the story.

Stan’s / Julie’s artwork combines magnificently, and colorist Emi Fujii should be giving Usagi-ongoing colorist Ronda Pattison a run for her money… Emi’s watercolored looks are striking on Usagi, and I love the way the colors, also shift between the “regular” world and the chibi one.