Two Fingers – Fight! Fight! Fight!

4 out of 5

Label: Nomark

Produced by: Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin’s hip-hop flavored beats as Two Fingers meet up with his leanings into minimalism on the 2020 Fight! Fight! Fight!, boiling some intense, driving rhythms down to the barest of clicks and effects – which generally only escalates the intensity of it. Kicking off with the title track, Fight!’s momentum harkens back to the artist’s jungle days, albeit while sticking with the Two Fingers ethos. Followup You Ain’t Down pulls a magic trick of turning the opener’s sound inside out, coming across like it’s vacuuming up the rhythm while laying down its own; the titles of these songs are pretty might like a call-out and a dismissal, and Tobin’s confidence and abilities to immediately make a listener bob their head give him full rights to do that.

The A-side of the album keeps stripping elements away, paring stuttering effects with blown up bass, a relatively minimalistic approach that – despite the amazing production interesting sounds – prevents some of the tracks from necessarily evolving, with Rockyou Feelit and ZX Rhythm perhaps sounding a little similar as a result. But the runtime of each song errs toward keeping it short and fresh, and we end the side on a weirdass, impressive note – both sides actually do this – that blends latter-day Tobin weirdness electronics with hip-hop, fading in and out of the two styles seamlessly. This is a great setup going in to the arguably stronger B-side, which allows for more layering and essentially gives us five bangers in a row, all equaling the pummeling bass and tenseness of the opening tracks. The penultimate Boss Rhythm is like something from Two Fingers’ first album, fluffed up with Fight!’s stronger sense of identity, and then closer Unknown Trauma (with Little Snake) is, as mentioned, more akin to Tobin’s ISAM-era solo stuff, applied here to great effect as a blow out of sound for the album’s conclusion.