Tundra Sketchbook Series: Michael Dooney (#9) – Michael Dooney

5 out of 5

A series of prestiges put out by Tundra – during its short-lived lifetime – highlighting artists that touched on or were related to their projects.  TMNT alum Michael Dooney is one such guy, and it’s a joy to see his working process here, collected on full color pages, with some notes on most describing what we’re looking at.  We get pencils, inks, and aforementioned colors, in various mediums, covering the topics we’d expect from Dooney: Turtles, Gizmo, and women.  The latter could be a criticism – there are plenty of female form studies, but no men – but only a couple are what I would consider as ‘typically’ sexualized (meaning setting aside the focus in general), and Dooney at least acknowledges his focus in one of his notes.  Overall, what’s most important is that I wouldn’t be embarassed caught looking at any of these pics – it’s clearly an art book, and a nicely put together, well-printed one.