Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Earth’s Last Stand

3 out of 5

A slim, no bonus, one disc collection that underlines the underwhelming end to the Turtles outer space saga by isolating the concluding episodes on this collection, with the following episodes having, essentially, nothing to do with it (as the end of the space run was when we paused for a mid-season break)… which also results in the very loose City At War adaptation falling flat as the show flails around for a purpose while Shredder lies in wait.  Yes, that was one sentence, with the point being: This is not the best highlight of episodes.

The hole black hole generator seek and destroy mission feels like such a wash because we end up exactly back where we were, and then the writers sorta One More Day the whole multiple timeline turtles conundrum by sending one set off into space with a wave of the hands.  I know everyone had likely had enough sci-fi by this point and extending the concept any further would’ve been equally foolish, but they should’ve resisted the temptation of writing themselves into that position.  This was a pretty epic adventure that deserved a similarly epic ending but it zipped by with little sense of consequence.

And then we go into the Shredder waiting game.  He’s not dead, just down and out, and so TMNT 2012’s version of City at War (the power struggle for criminal control of the city in Shredd’s absence) has Karai take over the Foot and bubbles through some new character intros, including several old school callouts like Wingnut and Screwloose.  Good animation and imagination throughout, but without a Big Bad or any real – as of yet – direction, these episodes similarly lack much consequence.

So besides needing to know how we got from space to here, you can almost skip these episodes and not feel too left out.  Still, there’s certainly a baseline entertainment value that’s maintained, and maybe you’ll see your favorite Archie-era villain.