Lego / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes In a Half Shell (DVD promotional comic)

2 out of 5

Huh?  This came as a bonus stuff-in with one of the 2012 Nick DVDs.  It’s pretty dumb, and I’m not sure who it’s for, since it’s written in a very Fred Wolf manner – Shredder is dumb; the Turtles are goofy, simple-minded yuksters – and it’s not even a great ad for Lego, as it just kind of half-heartedly pushes you toward a website.  Sure, the boys are drawn in their Lego likenesses, but there’s no overt toy hawking here, so even as a “mom buy it for me” begging kid, I can’t really imagine anything in here inspiring that protest, except, I guess, just seeing Lego and Turtles together making you aware of its existence.

The thing  is confusing – some pages pretend like the booklet (it’s 8 pages) will be a self-contained story, but then suddenly it’s standlone pages as well.  And suddenly there are puzzles!  And the puzzles are done in a way where they almost seem like they’re fake!

I’d give this one star, but someone took the time to put it together, and the puzzles aren’t fake, so it gets some credit for being an oddity.