Tu Fawning – Secession

4 out of 5

Label: Polyvinyl

Produced by: Kevin Robinson

Gorgeous and haunting pop, guided by Corrina Repp’s dreamy lyricism and the group’s ominous, key-led compositions.

Secession alternates between more solo-esque, minimal Repp offerings, and lush, off-beat all-hands-on style tracks, Corrina and bandmate Joe Haege (of 31Knots – a musical influence very much felt here) trading vocals, while Kevin Robinson’s production captures a cavernous echo of rich percussion, faded horns, and pluckings of guitar and piano. The songs emerge with sudden animosity from the dreams of a catchier tune – a delightfully harsh, wicked edge that gives the EP a dark vibe, despite its melodies being so accessible, and darling, like a twee album gone wrong, and brushed with pitch. Out Like Bats and I’m Gone operate in this realm; The Sound You Warn and In Silence, We Reached The Palisades stripping the slow-roll pace down to atmosphere, keys, and voice. Paralleled as such, the EP is incredibly immersive, though Repp’s lyrics hover just on the edge of being a bit too vague to get a feeling from them alone, and the duality of the sound is also important: as closer Diamond in the Forest maintains the minimalism of the preceding track, it feels like we’re somewhat shorted a proper conclusion. But the mood is there throughout, and the strength – and that creeping undertone – of the EP’s four main tracks makes for excellent listening.