Tripping Daisy – Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb (Good Records vinyl edition)

4 out of 5

Label: Good Records

Produced by: Chris Penn (reissue producer)

Original review found here; this is strictly focused on the quality of the reissue, which is: straight forward. The appeal here is to own the album on your maybe preferred format, of course, and while I’m digging these reissues (Jesus Hits was never on vinyl), and in the case of the followup release, it’s probably the better way of listening, this album has such an eclectic style, touched by mass instrumentation but also a lot of studio work, such that the “warmth” of vinyl doesn’t necessarily add to it. I accept that that’s subjective, but when albums are initially only available on CD, it seems more allowable to say that it was “made” for that format – though I contradict that by praising the self-titled reissue – and this is one such album that simply sounds better digitally to me. Doesn’t mean Good Records hasn’t done their job on the release: full-bleed artwork gorgeously represented, not (to my memory) missing anything from the original – lyrics included – and solid, clear-sounding LPs.

Since this is one of my favorite albums, I was definitely curious to hear it this way, and it will be nice to have the full set of TD rereleases once Good has finished putting them out, but if you’re not in need of owning multiple copies of this, I’d say the CD is the way to go.