TMNT: Best of Leonardo – Various

3 out of 5

Okay, we know the deal by now: this is not a best of, it’s just a compilation of the one-shot issues starring Leonardo: the ‘color classics’ version of the Mirage original; the first IDW micro; the IDW macro. And as before, there’s no context provided for the featured issues, no covers, no page numbers, just all the stories slapped together. It’s a lazy compilation, but priced appropriately for not having any of those niceties, I suppose. And thankfully, as with the Donatello version of these, these contents actually are considerably ‘best of’s – the Mirage one, certainly – and I’ll allow that each story provides enough context that a reader not familiar with whichever run can enjoy each entry on its own, with enough hooks to perhaps intrigue them to dive in further. So that’s surely ideal.

Still, I find the way these compilations are put together and titled to be… not great, and I’m knocking off an extra point here because the coloring of the Mirage issue – while well done – really tramples over the purposeful tonal differences of the Leo portions of the book versus the other Turtles’. The B & W shading on the original is perfect, and you get no sense of that here. Yeah, this is just reprinting the coloring that was already done in the Color Classics edition, but this particular presentation then somewhat disturbs the ‘best-of’ claim.