The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse

5 out of 5

Developed by: Paul Rudish

covers season 1

A continuation of Mickey Mouse, the same creative team and the majority of the same voice actors stick with the 8-ish minute format (Mickey Mouse had 3-4 minute episodes, and a spattering of 8-minute ones) and give us 10 perfect episodes of great performances, great animation, and great and goofy writing that does the kid + adult shtick leagues better than the majority of its peers. Animation studio Mercury Filmworks and developer Paul Rudish (plus a club of great writers and directors) apply a flash-y, simplified design scheme, but it’s certainly not flash, given how fluid and screen-fillingly detailed it is (without that being overwhelming), and the color palette has this great vintage tinge to it that ties it back to a classic vibe, even though the humor is cutting edge. The key, though, is in the tone, which juggles the sincereness and naivety of the Mickey crew with a wicked bite, while still grounding each episode with a clear intention, to prevent its randomness from feeling random for random’s sake.

In short, every episode – every setup, every joke – is both visually stellar, and frantic enough to entertain the younguns while also smartly and sharply scripted enough to get some grand guffaws from us old folk. The final ep, a horror movie shtick, might possibly be a little scary, but in general, the various genres parodied and premises will work for everyone.