The Quick Fix Kills – Novel Weapons

3 out of 5

Label: Ernest Jennings

Produced by: Don Zientara (engineered by)

Hm, I’m a bit hard-pressed to not just say that this sounds like Fugazi and leave it at that. It’s tough – a lot of stuff that came out of Inner Ear Studios in the 90s and early 00s bore that hallmark, and Quick Fix Kills (billed as ‘Quick Fix’ on this release) are subject to the same post-hardcore, math-y tendencies, blended with a bit of At the Drive-In intensity. It’s not bad stuff, though, and doesn’t have the tang of outright mimicry; the playing is impassioned, and I quite dig Mark Moody’s sneering delivery, which always has a ferociousness to it, when talking or shouting. The group is probably at its best when not getting too clever, and maintaining a more punky forward momentum, making mid tracks Choking Down the Change and Evil Has Legs more fist-pump worthy, and indicative of the stronger, rather more identifiable material they’d deliver on their full length after this.