The Prizefighters – No Use Crying / Night Breeze

3 out of 5

Label: Prizefighter Sound System

Produced by: The Prizefighters (?)

Quite beautiful, but pretty limited as a single.

The Prizefighters are skilled at blending a classic 2-tone ska sensibility with a more modern style of song construction; occasional indie rock-esque touches and the youthful vocals of singer Aaron Porter help to put a unique stamp on their sound.

On No Use Crying, they flip the script to something very old-school: you can imagine this as a classic 50s or 60s R&B love song, but here mapped to a ska bop and Porter just as yearning as ever. But that does minus out some of his poetic prowess as a lyricist: the words are repetitive, and pretty straight-forward lovey stuff. Harmless, good for those days and nights when you feel the same, but not having too far of a reach beyond that. The added female vocals (not sure to whom to credit those) add some really gorgeous harmonies – it is, as stated a beautiful song.

B-side Night Breeze is an instrumental… and could be said to be the instrumental version of No Use Crying. That’s perhaps not intentional, but it’s how it sounds, making assessing it as an additional song sort of a non-starter. However: even without the harmonies, the music definitely holds up, affecting the same swaying, lovestruck vibe.