The Prizefighters – Cold Shoulder / Sukeban

4 out of 5

Label: Prizefighter Sound System

Produced by: The Prizefighters (?)

A great pairing of singles which covers Prizefighters’ take on some classic ska sounds: a more emotive, slow and sad piece; and a peppy 2-tone instrumental.

Cold Shoulder is quite gorgeous, as always given extra oomph by Aaron Porter’s expressive vocals, and the group’s penchant for some off-brand flourish that gives their songs a sprinkle of an alternative vibe, here found in the way some of the rhythms and instruments interplay throughout the song. It’s subtle, but it’s part of what sets the band apart from their peers, while also allowing the band to sound wholly traditional. That last bit still dominates both of these songs, though, with the limitation of the lyrics – one / two verses repeated – preventing the track from being something a bit more affecting.

Instrumental Sukeban is just tons of fun: the perfect amount of playfulness for its type of ska-bop, with its three minute runtime just right so that we can get into the groove and get out before it gets repetitive. An excellent complement to Cold Shoulder.