The Phantom: Generations: The Slave Trade (Chapter 9) – Mike Baron and Mike Bullock

3 out of 5

A text story accompanied by full page, color illustrations from Alex Saviuk and Patrick J. Williams.

The Ghost Who Walks is written in to a pretty standard pulp, revenge tale: coming across a decimated village, The Phantom follows on the trail of a pack of slavers who’ve taken some of the villagers, and doles out vengeance.  Mike Baron and Mike Bullock provide us with some good grounding detailing, and pace out Phantom’s journey believably, dropping in minor scuffles with gators and guards along the way.  Alex Saviuk’s illustrations are nice and bold, but they soon fall out of sync with the text, and skip out on an illustration of one of the final scenes, which would’ve made for some great art.  Combined with a couple dodgy typos and a key sentence which, I think, needed an editing pass, the story can’t rise much above the norm, but it’s a generally solid tale.