The House: A Hulu Halloween Anthology

2 out of 5

Directed by: Various

covers season 1

A good idea but way too fractured to work, ‘The House’ is a very short series of very short shorts, theoretically all centered around a horrorful house that keeps reappearing across the ages and in different forms. I like the idea, and I do think the various directors manage to stuff a lot in to their 6-minute-ish entries, but the thing is too choppy, overall, to work across only a meager six episodes of this, when two of those episodes are spent on lore, and one episode breaks from the format too much.

As such, the first three eps establish the vibe – different takes on a haunted house – and it amps you up for what could be a fun series of shorts, but then episode four goes heavy with explanations that are interesting but over-complicate and over-“this is serious” things. The next episode is the house …in space!… but not nearly as goofy as that horror cliche could / should be, and is too soon to shift from the already crumbling format, especially when the succeeding episode is another lore one.