The Gersch – Bloodbottom / Listwish

3 out of 5

Label: Tortuga

Produced by: Kevin Micka

Two similar rockers from The Gersch, both of which – same recordings – were eventually bundled onto their full-length. While that’s not a knock (especially if you picked up the 7″ first), it does mean there’s not a draw to own this if you own the other, and I’d say the pairing of these two tracks is odd since – as stated right at the top – they’re very similar. I’m open to experiencing stuff I’ve heard before in a different presentation if it helps to highlight some aspect of a track / album I hadn’t previously heard, but this does the opposite: it’s sincerely really easy to wonder if these aren’t the same song, except the chorus is different.

Less critically – it’s a good song, and Gersch shows off dynamism within it / each side, starting out with slow crawl, scraped-from-Hell riffage that turns into aural blasts while vocals are shouted in a washed-out layer, a lo-fi production style that really works in the group’s favor. Since the pace gets varied like this, each song feels appropriately epic, which definitely helps soften the blow of the B-side mirroring the A-side, or vice versa, and if this was the only Gersch I had to listen to, it would definitely get more and more play to pick out the differences that are there. But again, once owning the album, not much reason to return, since these tracks are better contextualized there.