The Flying Luttenbachers – Live Cataclysm

4 out of 5

Label: ugEXPLODE

Produced by: Ian Billet (recorded by), Walter Weasel (mixed by)

Not that you had any doubts of the Luttenbachers being able to do their thing live – their sound is not one that’s suggestive of much studio trickery – but: here you go, one of the group’s most listenable albums, performed as a foursome and hitting every damn note.

This sounds great for a live recording, and while it’s ultimately just the members of the group remaining pretty stationary (for such a LOUD band, it’s amusing how little they move around), the various cameras – which are all well-positioned so you get clear shots of the performers – are spliced together with some occasional editing fireworks to make the footage a bit more exciting. The real appeal, of course, is the music, which is pretty spot-on to the recorded versions. That’s also something that makes this not likely to hit your DVD player very often, except as background visual / audio noise, along with the fact that some good build-and-release moments from the album are excepted from the DVD; it’s a slightly shorter tracklist, and the cut-to-black breaks in the video that requires do kinda knock the immersion just a tad.