The Brave-Tuber Vol. 2 – Takahito Oosaki

3 out of 5

The idea – blending the fantasy world of demons and warrior guilds with social media – runs a little thin as Takahito Oosaki runs out of common youtube vids to spoof, but the humor timing is still good, the characters are great, Ikuro’s art is still a wonderfully energetic complement, and it actually winds around to a really satisfying conclusion!

Holy Sword wielder Zane and his spirit camerawoman Kuku are still at trying to make a splash in the WizTube scene, with Zane’s perpetually flat mood and lack of showmanship generally foiling Kuku’s various ideas at spicing things up. Extra subscribers jump on when they pick up a sidekick (via contract) – Hellheit the demon. The design of Hellheit is rather perfectly weird: her top half falls in to fan-service boobage, but her bottom half is just a trailing, skeletal spine, and all proportions are thrown into disarray thanks to her hands, which are all elephantitis-outsizing her body. Oosaki / Ikura don’t seem to have stumbled onto this mishmash by accident: the script constantly takes playful jabs at the online crowds who’re quite obsessed with girls and cleavage and etc, and this awareness has been present throughout Brave-Tuber, making its humour a cut above the norm.

While I think it’s probably for the best that this title, for now, ended with this second volume, prior to officially driving the joke into the mud, the fact that the plotty bits and character bits were more satisfying than the satire – moments with the comment-obsessed demon lord; the funny happenstance that ends up giving the book its title; the odd-couple camaraderie of Hellheit, Kuku, and Zane – makes me look forward to more from Oosaki.