Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Armageddon Game: Opening Moves TPB – Tom Waltz

3 out of 5

Collects all the same dang stuff in a previous, cheaper collection (which was some TPB prelude pages, issue #84, and Annuals 2020 and 2021).,, plus Opening Moves #1 – 2, packaged ostensibly cheaper, but definitely more conveniently. I phrase that all waywardly to highlight IDW’s obsession with giving us the same material repackaged and repackaged – understanding it’s my choice to buy this stuff – but also to kinda highlight a big downside of reading these stories altogether, which is that they are already internally repetitive, doing a lot of asterisked references to previous issues, and then from one issue to the next, they’re also repetitive, rejiggering the same plot beats. “Ostensibly” because while the pricepoint does shave off a couple bucks, you’re also missing some process pages from the original annuals which were appreciated bonuses, so it’s truly a convenience purchase.

To that extent, it does the job: standard binding / glossy pages for IDW trades, with some of the extra covers thrown in. No page numbers. A by-the-books collection.