Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Macro-Series TPB – Various

5 out of 5

A collection of the four IDW TMNT Macros: Don, Mikey, Leo, Raph.

As usual, ranking the value of the collection, versus the contents. Though: the macros were all pretty good, and read mostly standalone. I also hadn’t realized, when reading them separately, that their are some casual linkings between them, which makes having them collected nice. And rereading the Raph one in this context, it was much, much better. I’m not exactly sure why it pissed me off so much before, and it’s not like that “casual linking” enhances it especially, but if it was the only macro I hated previously, I didn’t hate it this time, upping the prospects of this set even more.

But, that aside: it’s a really nice presentation. The “table of contents” doesn’t need to do much since the book is split into even quarters, so I liked how it was simplified down to shots of each character with artist / writer credits, and the trade dress / design (Shawn Lee) is really nice – very complementary colors; cool design. Plus, there are page numbers, so it’s easy to navigate to those quarters, or remember your spot, if needed.

Bonuses are limited to variant covers, but for the price point – $24.99 for four issues which were originally 8 bucks each (cripes) – having any bonuses is nice, and I really liked how they split these up, with a couple inbetween each issue and more at the end.

Definitely a worthwhile purchase, and even moreso given the general quality of the contents.