Tachycardie – Autonomie Min​é​rale

4 out of 5

Label: Un Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi

Produced by: Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy

Another piece of experimental drum-focused compositions from Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, again surprising by avoiding most experimental downfalls – this stuff feels considered; and like actual songs, not impressions – as well as being explosive with the percussion without it strictly being a showcase. Furthermore, Geoffroy’s explanation of the album’s construction as merging drumming and electronics together, trying to use the electronics as the base and the percussion as the melody, can be sensed without description, adding to how purposefully constructed the material is.

While not as directly flashy as previous effort Sommé-e, there are plenty of pyrotechnics: explosions of rapid-fire sound and ambience, creaking and groaning into stretches of moodiness, then back to terse staccato herky-jerk danciness; Battles merged with Radian, via Jean-Baptiste’s own particular storytelling. ‘Autonomie’ is quite excellently sequenced to effect its emotions, paced across long and short compositions that allow the organic and programmed elements plenty of room to ebb and flow, but tight enough to not tire. When the album perhaps goes a bit more toward improv, or drops into full ambience – the interstitial D’érosion doesn’t feel like it adds too much not heard on other tracks; and closer Sédiment meuble feels more like a traditional experimental piece of solo drumming – it’s not quite as immersive or impressive, rather just interesting, but in these cases, the tracks feel as best sequenced as they can be to not distract from the otherwise excellent, dense works.