Studz – Studfinder

3 out of 5

Label: Adult Fantasy Records

Produced by: (?)

Some silly and fun grungy 70s garage rock from Reuben Storey.

All of your tracks are about livin’ the rock and roll lifestyle, done via reliable riffage, a funkin’ bass line beat, growly vocals, and solid 4/4 drums. It’s entirely predictable, but it also strikes a good balance of being self-aware and playing it straight, in terms of delivering catchy melodies and stuck-in-yer-head accessibility. The best song is a cover – of Amanda Lear’s “The Stud” – so make of that what you will; it’s the only track to do some layering and backing vocals, versus the others which are as stripped down as possible. But having that as a highlight on a very short, 7-song experience isn’t a bad thing; it makes the relative gusto goofiness of the rest of it pretty enjoyable in its small dose.