The Immortal Dr. Fate (#3) – Steve Gerber, Martin Pasko

3 out of 5

A collection of the Dr. Fate backups from some Flash issues.

As mentioned when reviewing those issues, while having one book in which to read them is convenient, it doesn’t necessarily do the story any favors.  Setting aside the narrative retreading done in each piece, this is a very wordy and heady story involving gods of chaos and fate and gender / relationship musings and mini-dimensions in ears of corn.  The excess wording reeks of Gerber (in a good way), but whereas he normally would use the omniscient voice as setup and transition, here, it takes up the majority of every page.  It makes things rather cluttered when put together.  So it’s a better read when broken up by Flash hijinks.

And I will trust my previous statement that the art looks different.  Whether or not it was actually touched up I can’t say, but certainly the printing quality differed between then and then, making the weird coloring effects on the magic stuff really not layer with the base art well; it’s a blend that worked better in the older books.

So, yes, if you’re doing the Fate or Gerber rounds, it’s cheaper and easier to get a hold of this issue on its lonesome.  But it’s more fun to read in its original, bit-by-bit format.