Spoof (#3 – 4) – Steve Gerber, Various

3 out of 5

I’m not sure where Spoof sat on the spectrum of Marvel humor mags, since Crazy would’ve been published at the same time and I can’t say anything in Spoof wouldn’t seem at home there or vice versa – while the lead feature in both these issues is a “spoof” of a movie genre (animal revenge horror in 3, blaxsploitation in 4, both written by Stu Schwartzberg with wonderfully detailed comic art from Marie Severin), the following features don’t necessarily align to that, and could be exchanged for half a dozen witty-commentary-on-current-trends gags from any MAD magazine variant.

And if you read that as a comment on the generic nature of this mag as well… yup.  Crazy would at least occasionally surprise with just being weird but Spoof is danged cookie cutter humor, including the Steve Gerber bits, which are why I bought it.  His gags don’t extend much further than silly extrapolations on youth/popular culture (e.g. what if celebrities were presidential candidates), though the issues trot through their material swiftly enough to not be a pain to read, and feature a quality stable of artists.

Otherwise, that there were only five? issues of this should be indicative of its appeal.  Whether it was created just to have a humor mag on the spinner rack vs. Crazy’s magazine size or of there was actually am intention to focus on spoofs, the excerpts I’ve read from the series lack any kind of distinction from other similar titles – though that means it’s no worse than others, either – and also don’t offer much Gerber values for fans like m’self.