Howard the Duck: Where Do You Go– What Do You Do– The Night After You Save the Universe? (#24) – Steve Gerber

2 out of 5

This is essentially a retread of the “album” issue, in which Steve broke character and talked directly to the reader about his process and deadlines, only now it’s Howard narrating, questioning where his story goes from here.  Steve takes a couple of steps toward meta meaning – characters speaking to their own roles in Howard’s story – but it’s all rather surface level otherwise, and repeats a cycle in which we have a few issues of inspiration, and then an issue or more during which Steve can’t figure out what he wants to do with the book.  Tom Palmer does not ink Colan well, allowing the latter’s looser lines to come out and over-cartoonying the book as a result, and the issue just comes across as filler: we’ve been here before, and it felt more relevant, then.