Splitadrix – 51º53’43″Nord 8º25’09″Waldorf

4 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Stephen Hennelly

Full of laid back charm, Splitradix’s 51º53’43″Nord 8º25’09″Waldorf is a slow mover, starting things off with its best foot forward and then having the faith to dim the lights and take it slow thereafter. But the dance pays off – you’re swept along at first, then given room to find your own rhythm.

Opener 3350 Beach Electronic is an 80s-backed electro jam with wonderfully slippery manipulations tweaking its peppy beat. Its title is solid: it’s a breezy listen, but pumped up with neon and a discman, rollerblading past casual walkers on a boardwalk while electric trails in your wake indicate your rocketing into the 90s and beyond. Yeah, that’s as much imagery mash-up as I can imagine, but this really is a standout track that straddles a sense of chill and daring and different eras all at the same time.

Followup Zassenhaus Lemma is pretty masterfully slick, taking some 90s Rephlex notes and partnering it with a DMX Krew clubbiness, jumping back and forth in its focus – sometimes bouncy, sometimes led by a calm synth line.

Here’s the sole point where the spotlight dims: B-side’s PS31 Sideways Rain sounds very much like a slower, less nuanced version of Zassenhaus, Splitradix ripping of their own beat but not remixing it with any new vibes or elements. It’s kind of a bold and cool move, confidence in a particular sound, but maybe not for a pretty tame 6 minutes; you’ve just heard a superior version of this track.

Closer PS31 Moxie’s beat is minimized, to keep the focus on an emotive dance across tones, sweet and simple, backed by some warm synths and a light bass. It seems almost too basic at first, as Split goes back around for another loop of the same, but that’s when the artist starts letting the other elements flourish in the mix more and more, swelling to a moving conclusion.