South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2

1 out of 5

Directed by: Trey Parker

I can normally find enough to say about any given anything to fill adequate reviewing space – whatever I imagine that to be – but I was hesitant to watch Trey Parker / Matt Stone’s fourth Paramount+ South Park special, Streaming Wars 2, and face the same hesitation in writing this; I just couldn’t imagine there was much more material to cover after the first one, and… yup. And now I don’t know what there is to say about it, except that maybe there’s some meta joke brewing where the second halves of these things will be exclusively about driving gags into the ground, as hard as possible. 

Which is a South Park trope at this point, but normally it’s rescued by that driving take us moderately cleverly full circle. Here, it’s just “joke” after joke about drinking pee, and staring at Cartman’s boobs. (And if you chuckled at either one of those concepts, bear in mind they were already covered in part one.) 

Streaming Wars 2 is, logically, resolving the plotlines from the previous part, by taking the same exact potshots as before at actual streaming platforms (in South Park, this was taken at face value to talk about things floating in water), and never once attempting a gag that doesn’t involve pee or poo. I’ll allow that there’s a nice loop de loop with Randy’s character, that does get an appropriate self-aware treatment, but it’s trampled upon by the barrel bottom stuff that otherwise completely overtakes the special.