Soulwax – Leave the Story Untold

3 out of 5

Label: PIAS

Produced by: Chris Goss, Soulwax

Though overall just a drop in the alt-rock bucket of the mid 90s, Soulwax’s debut album absolutely has the swerve and hooks and melody that would serve the group incredibly well on discs to come, but perhaps more notably – though less obvious – are the tweaks to the rock formula the group employed, even from day one: while a handful of songs here move through some very obvious verse-chorus-verse progressions, others have a unique push and pull; a willingness to dodge out of the clear “winning” moment for a more interesting bridge or change to the tune. Put into a melting pot with better production, as well as the Daewaele brothers going further and further afield into other genres as the years went on – though notably making their name by bringing in their remix / club influences and experience across their own albums or when working with others – and it’s very clear how this group would rocket up to mastery of their sound soon after this point. Leave the Story Untold has more than enough catchy material to make it worth one’s time, even if it is in a prototypical form, but it’s admittedly much more of its time than the relatively timeless works that would follow; this is Soulwax finding their voice.