Silicon Scally – Dormant

4 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Carl Finlow

Another cut of intense, bangin’* electro from Carl Finlow for CPU.

Opener V Electro hits with a dirty, central groove that Finlow keeps circling around for six glorious minutes, spinning various synths atop to vary the vibe – it’s dark; it’s playful – but never dropping the core beat. He amps it up with the boogie-woogie of Bode, which drops back here and there for these awesomely clipped ditties, while some haunting ambience floats and builds in the background.

The B-side’s Proximity Sensor is a fun, more old-school jam – a stripped down electro beat and simple key additions with some extra percussion tossed in here and there. At seven minutes, it perhaps stretches out just a bit too much, though it’s one of those tracks you come to appreciate more the more you listen to it, and get used to its patient, minimal vibe. But just in case we don’t have time for that, the closing title track pumps things back up with a threatening core rhythm and heart-beat, industrial beats, layering on more and more ominousness as it chugs through its five minutes, chilling us out in its final round as Finlow pares back the effects, one by one.

*Please excuse my lame attempt at modern** parlance, but for real, the EP is goddamned bangin’, and I’m open to suggestions for other ways to describe it.

**No idea if this is actually modern parlance.