Yenny (#4, Alias Comics) – David Álvarez, Various

3 out of 5

Horizontal reprints of the webcomic by David Álvarez of the long-limbed, short-shorts wearing Puerto Rican teen Yenny, who bumbles from job to job while dreaming of being a model, dealing with her anthropomorphic, prank-pulling pet iguana, and getting reprimanded by her mom.  Alias doesn’t do much to dress these up, leaving in all the typos / language flubs and weekly copyright text, with a presentation that’s cramped, at best.  Álvarez has a buoyant, Looney Tunes-esque drawing style that gives the strip some visual sizzle, and though the words are clunky sometimes, there’s an amusing enough light narrative to keep things going, with a good selection of dumb puns and slapstick.

This issue also includes a ‘baby Yenny’ strip by Rangely Garcia, which doubles down on the clumsy language and isn’t nearly as visually enticing as Álvarez’s stuff, but then there’s a Jay Fosgitt Betty Boop spoof – Fosgitt being the reason I checked this out – which is self-aware and humorous, with Jay’s art a danged joy, making the most possible use out of limited space.