Wildstorm Spotlight (#1) – Alan Moore

3 out of 5

This is the most un-Wildstorm-y Wildstorm comic book that Alan Moore wrote.  It’s focus of immortals – this is essentially like a Marvel ‘The End’ book for Majestic, accompanied by other immortal beings I assume Moore concocted just for this issue – even recalls Alan’s Warpsmith stuff from way back when, the way those beings understand and interact with the world on entirely different levels than that of we narrow-minded humans.  But it’s not wholly self-indulgent, either: while the issue is, primarily, Majestic wandering about during the final heat death of the universe, from one diminishing spectacle to the next, musing on life and love, the final few pages reconnect us to actual Wildstorm stuff in an amusing fashion.  Carlos D’Anda also pencils an impressive, other-worldly look for the book that balances the big and bold WS style with a sense of grace; a patience to his pages that matches the wide open space vistas.

Overall, it feels like we’re skirting more complex thoughts that would be more interesting to dig in to in books with more than a one-shot to dedicate to them, but it’s definitely a fascinating addition to the Wildstorm universe, and more along the lines of what we’d probably have expected from Alan’s time with those books.