WildCats vol. 4 (#1) – Grant Morrison

3 out of 5

Not being a Wildstorm reader or a WildC.A.T.S. follower, it’s hard for me to say how fresh of a take Grant Morrison’s version was, or would have been, given he only made an issue before other obligations got the best of him.  It reads well, with bold narration balanced with slightly more “human” dialogue to offset the overblown nature of the universe, and it looks good, given that Jim Lee was back on his title, but it also just kinda reads like an average supers book, and sorta kinda looks average as well, for the same reasons: straddling the tonal line holds it back, and Lee launched a million imitators in his wake, rendering his look much less dynamic than it once was.

Grant does a great one-page status quo of the Wildstorm-verse – heroes appeared; they fought crime; fought the system; then became the system – and starts sketching out what may have been an attempt to put the ‘covert’ back into the no-longer-abbreviated WildCats name, with a tech-tycoon version of Hadrian, whilst gifting the world with life-saving technology, gathering his old teammates to, perhaps, go on some secret ops, but again, its Wildstorm: it’s all rather over-the-top by design, and it’s Jim Lee, so a Grifter undercover who bookends the issue can’t help but be narrated, literally, with ‘Grifter is death!’ over and over as he guns through some baddies.

A much easier, safer opener than Grant’s Authority, but also not nearly as bold.