Wildc.a.t.s vol. 1 (#50) – Alan Moore

3 out of 5

Ah, what sort of was, and what would kinda be, with Moore’s ABC comics.

This oversized issue, a book-end to the first volume of Wildc.a.t.s, allows for three shorts which are fairly representative of each writer / artist involved, as well as of the different styles the book went through.

James Robinson tries for a focused study for how a relationship between two characters has come and gone, and it’s all heavy but pretty simplistic.  Jim Lee does art, and is afforded some mighty shortcuts that allow him to do a closeup of a face for two pages straight before getting to do some action.  Representative as Lee took on a lot of projects during his Wildc.a.t.s days and those projects faced a lot of delays as a result, so here ya go: Jim Lee, micro-sized so he can find the time for a few pages.

Brandon Choi, Jonathan Peterson, and Ed Benes follow up (I assume) directly on what came before in the previous issues, and also offer the most dumb-diddely bikini butt-floss variant of the book.  Lots of melodrama and action.

Then, why I’m here, Alan Moore returns to offer a fun coda on his run, with the gang gathering momentarily to discuss a reserve corps of c.a.t.s, then having to deal with some science fiction run amok in the base.  The script sparkles with the punchiness of Tom Strong and the sort of successful embracing-of-brashness of Moore’s first couple WC issues, and Travis Charest – either having balanced his style in the intervening years, or able to focus since it’s only a few pages – delivers some fantastic artwork in both the foreground and background.

A pin-up and some preview art rounds things out.