Vile: Lonesome (#2) – Tyler Landry

5 out of 5

What amazingly compressed, creeping horror hath Tyler Landry engineered with Vile #2?  Though I think the Vile series’ thus-far released issues have been re-presentations of OOP minicomics, I’m happy as hell that they’re getting the full-size treatment; all the better to appreciate Landry’s appropriately garish colors and, in #2, his spot-on character direction.

Vile #1 suffered a bit from over-plotting for a Twilight Zone-esque twist, but the sense of dread, of unseen calamity, was palpable.  With Lonesome – another one-shot (we’ll assume that’s the general m.o. for this series) – Landry takes a step back – way back – into incredible minimalism.  Letting you experience it is essential, so let’s just say that two pan-handlers around a campfire are the setup used to explore the inherent horror of darkness.  It may not seem like much happens between the covers, but y’know what?  Read it again.  Revel in the odd beats of the dialogue; the strange color shifts.  Revel in the silence.

This is also a comic that benefits from an indie budget printing style: Study Group’s non-glossy paper stock gives the blacks a nice grain that adds to the atmosphere; shiny pages just wouldn’t have sold it.

I don’t want to pitch it like the second coming of horror or anything, but this is a beautifully moody little number, accomplishing a lot in its genre with but a few lines, colors, and words.